Update #2: A statement from the subject involved in the incident has now posted a statement via his Facebook account – read below.

“So I was involved in an altercation in Roberts County, Texas last night. I was under the impression that if you don’t want somebody trespassing, you have signs, which I always watch for. 

A rancher from the area pulled up to me and flatly said “GET OUT”. I then proceeded to tell him that I didn’t see any “no trespassing” signs, and at that point he got out of his vehicle with a fireman, to which prompted me to get mine. 

Huge misunderstanding, I’ve talked with the Roberts County Sheriff on the phone, and we came to an understanding. I will be getting a trespass citation, but otherwise it has been take of.”

Screen grab credit: Jacob Terrell

Update: Minutes ago, we exclusively received a statement from Roberts County Sheriff, Dana Miller in regards to the incident.  

“We received a call about 5:20pm from the ranch manager of Mesa Vista Ranch, owned by T. Boone Pickens, that a trespasser was on the ranch.The trespasser was three miles into the ranch and had to pass multiple No Trespassing signs to be in that location.

The Ranch Manager, Keith Boone, approached the vehicle and asked the trespasser to leave, the trespasser pulled a gun on Mr. Boone.The vehicle was described as a Chevy Trailblazer with Kansas plates 784EBP with a yellow light on top and storm chaser decals. 

The subject was described as a man with a dark beard and a baseball cap on. The trespasser said he was going to call the Sheriff. The Ranch Manager said he would do it for him because he works with the Sheriff’s Office Storm Spotting, with the Volunteer Fire Department, and has a good working relationship with us. 

The spotter went down another road and the Manager approached him again and the spotter told him that he was “tired of messing with these Red Neck Mother Fu**ing Farmers and Ranchers”. The Ranch Manager them explained to the trespasser that he also had a gun and it was bigger than the trespassers. That is when the man decided to leave.”

Miller told us that subject involved was not apprehended – so keep an eye out. Christopher Homen is the deputy sheriff you see in the video below – original post.  

Original post: The above featured photo was captured Pike as the deputy sheriff talked to chasers.

Details are vague at this time, we await a press release from the relevant authorities – including an affidavit. At this time, all we’re going to write about is what we know.

Police are searching for a “storm chaser” who pulled a gun on farmers yesterday while chasing severe weather in the southern Plains – Texas to be precise.  

This story was first brought to our attention by a fellow chaser and good friend, Emily Pike, when she posted the following photo on her Facebook account  

Pike then went live on her Facebook account to talk about the above-mentioned scenario;



5 thoughts on “Police searching for “storm chaser” who pulled gun on farmers

  1. Trespassing is against the law. I don’t have to put signs in my yard saying “NO STEALING”, “NO DRUG USE”,”NO RAPING”, “NO KILLING”, etc. Usually people with large plots of land have fences or signs to let people know that it is private property. But, it’s not their job to keep everyone else from breaking the law. Unless it is known PUBLIC property, don’t go there. Or get permission.

  2. I wonder how the farmer would treat US MAIL employees when they are delivering packages. As far as I know threatening a US MAIL employees would lead to serious time in federal prison

  3. It is not unheard of for land owners to shoot trespassers. I would hope that the storm chaser avoids trespassing so that he does not get shot at.

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