Even though they got the forecast spot on. We have no words for what the president said.

President Trump ridiculed meteorologists at a recent Wisconsin rally, poking fun at the weather forecasters for a bad prediction. However, he was spouting his own fake news, because the forecast was spot-on.

Thousands of people pilled into the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin for the rally this past weekend. After meeting loyal supporters and launching puns at politicians he has nicknamed in the 2020 race, the president turned to the meteorologists.

“They thought you were going to have a big snowstorm. A big, big snowstorm. The people that get it wrong the most are the weather forecasters and the political analysts.” 

President Donald J Trump


According to The Washington Post (TWP), there was a storm, but hundreds of miles to the south. Wet snow blanketed southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, including Chicago. The system was not expected to hit northern Wisconsin. 

It is not known who the president was referring to when said “they”. We highly recommend that you read TWP’s article, which you can find here. 

We don’t understand this President, one minute he praises the meteorologists for their work during the deadly Tornadoes – Alabama. The next he is poking fun at them for a “wrong” forecast which in fact was right. 

Maybe he should stick what he knows best…. We can’t say, that’s a defamation case waiting to happen. However, he should be extremely proud of his National Weather Service. That’s all we’re saying. 


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