Dorothy, she’s flying baby! Look at that! Knowing Reed and the type of guy he is! He’s going to be on Cloud nine!

Team Dominator DOMINATED! In the videos below, watch the moment a rocket with a weather sensor (attached) is launched into a wedge Tornado.

The following video was then posted after the above ones, shows one of the team receiving meteorological data from the sensor inside the Tornado1.

Preliminary data indicates that the Tornado lofted the rocket sensor ten thousand meters or thirty thousand feet in a matter of minutes.

We’re not going to explain anymore, just enjoy the excitement that’s within The Dominator.

1: The Tornado in question is that of the one that struck Lawrence, Linwood, Kansas – the probe was launched just south of Lawrence.  

How did the team celebrate after a successful day you ask? They went to Applebee’s! Great choice!

Photo credit: @ChasinSpin

We’ve covered the Linwood, Kansas Tornado, we will be producing an article on the Lawrence, Kansas Tornado in due course.


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