Wonderful work from local authorities including the U.S. Marshals. The news emerged overnight – UK Time.

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Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office – inc. Noble, Oklahoma – has arrested a man1 who was facing four charges relating to child sex crimes. A warrant for his arrest was issued last Friday.

1: The man we’re talking about is KOCO Channel 5 storm chaser Lawrence McEwen…

…Information regarding McEwen’s roll at KOCO Channel 5 has come to light and an end.

KOCO Channel 5’s general manager said that McEwen worked for the station on a freelance basis, however “he will no longer be storm chasing for the us.”

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McEwen, who is twenty eight years old, was booked into the Cleveland County Jail yesterday afternoon (U.S. time) on three charges of lewd molestation and indecent proposal to a child.

He was also booked in on the charge of performing lewd acts in presence of a minor. There is no information at this time regarding the details of his arrest. This is a developing story…

…Before we close out this post, a screenshot of McEwen’s booking sheet has emerged online – find below.

Screen capture credit: Marshal Phipps – The Storm Seeker

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