Moss was a storm chaser for CHASE ONE: Storm Chasing according to his Facebook profile.

A storm chaser has been charged with arson after an attempt to defraud his insurance company, Police say.

Michael Wade Moss, forty three, was arrested on Monday following inconsistencies in his stories to the fire marshal, a police detective and ATF agents.

Court documents suggest the following: On the evening of the 25th March, police and fire departments responded to a fire at Moss’ home on Ashland Avenue that caused extensive damage to the home.

An investigation by the police began after Moss’ story changed multiple times whilst in discussion with the fire marshal.

A sofa chair in the kitchen, near a back door was believed by the fire marshal to be the source of the blaze.

Moss first suggested that he was moving the chair outside when he heard something which sounded electrical – could have been the start of the fire.

A short time after, Moss said that a cigarette lighter had fallen from the sofa while he attempted to move it outside and have somehow caught the chair on fire.

The fire marshal then discovered that the back door that Moss suggested was open while he was moving the chair was shut while the blaze happened.

This discovery raised suspicions and prompted the fire marshal to contact a police detective. In a voluntary interview with ATF agents, Moss’ story changed several more times.

He claimed to have lit the lighter, accidently starting the blaze, but then claimed he started the chair on fire to burn it down small enough to fit through the door. “WTAF!”

Moss finally admitted to setting one room on fire to “get ahead” but did not intend to burn the entire house down.

Insurance documents provided to the police detective later illustrated that a fire damage claim on the Moss property was submitted via phone around an hour after the 911 call that reported the blaze…

…according to court documents. We will follow this story through to the end.

“You think you know someone, clearly, I was wrong. I’m not going to spill my thoughts, as I’m lost for words.

However, I’m very very angry… I’m not an angry kind of person! Someone could have been potentially killed!”

Jamie Simms, website lead

UPDATE: Tori Jane Ostberg, who started a GoFundMe for the Moss family after the fire, has posted on her Facebook regarding the situation. Read her post in full below.

UPDATE #2: The storm chasing that Moss chased with have confirmed he no longer chases with them – see in the screen grab below.

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