Awwww! Storm chaser proposes as Tornado photobombs proposal photo

When I think of the future, I’d like to go chasing with you forever!

A storm chasing couple are celebrating following their engagement after Joey Krastel popped the question as a Tornado done its thing in the background.

Photo credit: Joey Krastel

Krastel posted the beautiful photo (see below) of the proposal to his boyfriend on Twitter with the following caption, “the two loves of my life”.

Suffice to say Krastel was referring to his fiancé and the Tornado. We love everything about this!

It’s unclear whether Krastel’s boyfriend said yes to the proposal, however we’ve got a sneaky feeling he did!

The post has been like almost six thousand one hundred and forty seven times, it’s been retweeted almost four hundred and fifty five times.

The comment section is just full of love! Check out some of the congratulatory tweets below.

#stormchaserstory – storm chasers telling their stories via a hashtag

Not a wordy post, however it is a tremendous post in our opinion!

Storm chasers are telling their chasing stories via the Twitter hashtag, #stormchaserstory…

…In the tweets below, read a number of storm chaser stories.

If you’re a chaser reading this post, tell us your story in the comments below.

News stations won’t stop covering a Tornado simply because the golf is on

This post was inspired by Dennis Mersereau (Forbes Contributor)

The comments really got to us during the outbreak Sunday. It’s suffice to say catostropheres  like Tornadoes bring out a variety of human behaviour. We tend to see this on show at every turn – news station meteorologist on to rescuers and the everyday joe public looking for ways to help after a catastrophic event – like Sunday’s Tornado Outbreak in AL and GA.

However, a passing scroll through social media during a news station’s severe weather coverage illustrates what it looks like when individuals choose a different route. Individuals tend to send news station meteorologists angry (livid, furious) messages – and it even sometimes get to the threats stage – whenever the news station has to stop regular programming (much-loved television show, sports event) to cover severe weather.

Its suffice to say news stations almost (almost) always stop regular programming in favour of covering severe weather events – inc. Tornado warnings. Because we’re writing in the UK, this type of scenario is standard in the U.S. and is rarely disturbed just because the final round of a PGA tour event is on. It’s mind boggling to see the barrage of hate that news station meteorologists get every time a TV show or sporting event is interrupted in favour of live coverage of severe weather events.

This above scenario played out in front of our eyes on Sunday when a violent Tornado outbreak happened in Alabama, Georgia and surrounding areas. The most significant Tornado was an EF-4 (preliminary) which took the lives of twenty three people in Lee County, Alabama. Whilst news station meteorologists warned people – to seek shelter – who were in the soon-to-be affected area – they had to go through cruel, bitter and spiteful tweets from viewers to put a PGA golf tournament back on air – see in tweets below.

FYI: no matter how much pressure the news station meteorologists receive from d**khead viewers to put a PGA golf event back on when a Tornado is destroying homes and changing lives, it’s extremely unlikely that a news station will ever chose to run normal – irrelevant TV – programming whilst a significant Tornado is occurring. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

As Mersereau said in his post, “no matter how much selfish and angry hate mail people send”.

Our personal point of view can be found below.…

“ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN! You’ll just have to wait and see Tiger Wood’s meet his next mistress on the course later…”

News stations report severe weather events – Tornado warnings – simply because it’s a hugely (massively, enormously…) important service which essence saves lives. A severe weather/Tornado warning ticker scrolling across the screen isn’t enough to save lives. The viewers in the path of what could be a significant Tornado need to see the radar, hear the towns and street names mentioned in order to drive home and face the particular scenario.

“I’m getting angry whilst writing this post just thinking of people moaning about such a thing. We’re going to close this post on this last paragraph!”

Jamie Simms, website lead

With the incredible technology at our disposal today, we have the ability to track Tornadoes in real-time – see debris being lofted in the air. It would be irresponsible, thoughtless and stupid not to use the incredible technology we have at presently in order to warn people in the path of a severe storm – Tornado.

Thanks to Dennis Mersereau for inspiring this post. We highly suggest you go and read his version on the same subject here.

Man captures video of yesterday’s significant Tornader in Burnsville, MS

“Check that big son of a gun out, y’all!”

Turn the sound up and watch below as man1 captures video of yesterday’s Tornader (Tornado) in Burnsville, Mississippi.

“Y’all see that freakin’ Tornader right there?”

The video which was sent to WVTM 13 News by Shane Tucker (who took the video) on the 23rd February 2019.

We love our people down south!

More (professionally) shot video from yesterday’s Tornado in Burnsville, Mississippi has emerged overnight. Find in the related link below.


New video of the damaging Columbus, MS Tornado has emerged online


A new video of the damaging Columbus, Mississippi Tornado has emerged online – watch in video below.

The video which was sent to WTVA’s Matt Laubhan by Ken Waldrip (who took the video) on the 23rd February 2019.

The video was filmed from the Marriott in Columbus.

It has emerged overnight (UK time) that one person has died because of the Tornado – find out more from the tweet below.

UPDATE: A further video of the powerful Columbus, Mississippi Tornado has emerged online – watch video below.


Powerful Tornado captured on camera in Columbus, MS

A powerful Tornado has been captured on camera in Columbus, Mississippi – watch in video below (no sound).

Whilst you don’t see an actual funnel on the video, you can tell by the ferocity of the winds that is was one damaging Tornado.  

The video was captured by Dax Clark Weather and posted today – 23rd February 2019 – on Twitter. It was the caption of this video that got us to say the least.

A number of injuries and a significant amount of damage has been caused by this Tornado. However, this is still a developing story.

We will post more video/photos of this Tornado once it becomes available.

UPDATE: Video shows significant damage caused by powerful Tornado in Columbus, Mississippi.

UPDATE #2: Video shows more significant damage caused by powerful Tornado in
Columbus, Mississippi.

UPDATE #3: More damage photos.

UPDATE #4: Formation of Tornado in video.


Significant Tornado captured on camera near Burnsville, MS

“Oh my goodness! Oh my gosh… Is that a Tornado?”

A significant Tornado has been captured on camera crossing US 72 near Burnsville,
Mississippi – watch in video below.

The video was captured by Uah Swirl and posted today – 23rd February 2019 – on Twitter. We will post more video/photos of this Tornado once it becomes available.

UPDATE: A quite remarkable photo of this significant Tornado has been captured by Alan Matthew – see below.

UPDATE #2: Here’s another photo of this significant Tornado – which we think we can define – as a wedge.

Photo credit: Jamison Roberts

UPDATE #3: New video of this significant Tornado has emerged – watch in the video below.

UPDATE #4: Even more significant video has emerged from this significant Tornado – watch below.

Credit: Chris Dickerson and Dustin Knight

UPDATE #5: The morning after! More video has emerged from this significant Tornado.

UPDATE #6: Fascinating(/fun) vlog about yesterday’s significant Tornado.


Truly breathtaking! Photogenic rope Waterspout at sunset in Lebanon

A photogenic & breathtaking Waterspout1 has been captured on camera in Beirut, Lebanon…

…Watch in the video to the right hand side.

The video which was sent to Nash from Nashville by Douaa Shreim (who took the video) on the 19th February 2019.

1: Since we haven’t covered Waterspouts in detail yet (page coming soon), find an official definition below.

“Waterspouts are similar to Tornadoes over water. However, Waterspouts tend to be broken down into two categories: tornadic Waterspouts and fair weather Waterspouts.

Tornadic Waterspouts are simply Tornadoes that form over water, or move from land to water – its suffice to say Waterspouts have the same characteristics as a normal Tornado.”

National Weather Service, NOAA –

What we mean by characteristics is: high winds/seas, hail and frequent dangerous lightning.

When it comes to fair weather Waterspouts, you’ll just have to wait until the page is built…

… We’re keeping that a secret! #welikekeepingsecrets