Large Tornado captured on camera in southern Taiwan

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This is a extremely rare event for the area. A large Tornado has been captured on camera in southern Taiwan – watch in the videos.

The video was captured by Canon Yen on the day the Tornado struck – yesterday, 1st July. Find more video of the Tornado below.

Looks like another region we’ll have to keep an eye on. Find more of our articles on Tornadoes that have struck across the world here.

Storm Shelters of Iowa tested their storm shelter by dropping a vehicle on it…

… and it passed the test perfectly in our opinion!

Just incredible! In the video below, watch Storm Shelters of Iowa test their storm shelter by simulating a vehicle dropping on it1.

1: Having been suspended in the air by a Tornado.

This video was brought to our attention by the Iowa Storm Chasing Network. If you live in Tornado Alley and don’t have a storm shelter… YOU’RE IN LUCK!

The company are giving you the chance to win a free storm shelter! Pretty awesome, you can enter the competition here. You can read more of our blog-type articles here.

Startling video shows Tornado cross road in front of driver near Convent, Louisiana

You can see the Tornado lofting debris in the air.

A startling video has emerged online showing a Tornado cross the road in front of driver near Convent, Louisiana – watch below.

The video was captured by a dashboard camera on one of Rene’s Industries vehicles earlier today.

However, the video was posted by WeatherNation’s Meredith Garofalo on her official Facebook account. Find another video of the Tornado below.

The above video was captured by Zack Dufresne today. However, Live Storm Chaser’s posted the video on their official Facebook account.

Should more video/photos emerge, we will post it. Find more of our articles on Tornadoes that have struck the state of Louisiana here.

Tornado can’t stop these guys from farming

Update: We can confirm this Tornado touched down in Monterey, Louisiana on the 31st May.

Original post: When nader is spinning! The farmers keep farming!

It’s unclear where this video was taken at this time! But we’ll find out. The video below shows that no Tornado will stop these farmers from farming.

The video was captured by Amy Schrock Gray. It’s unclear when the video was captured*, however Gray posted the video on her Facebook account… 

*We’ll find out for you asap!

Suffice to say the video has gained some attention… two million views, six thousand likes and almost forty thousand times. 

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Night-time wedge Tornado captured on camera near the TX/OK state line

No words needed! A night-time wedge Tornado has been captured on camera near the Texas/Oklahoma state line – near Follett, Texas to be precise – watch in the video below.

Watch the video on YouTube here: or subscribe to Val and Amy on YouTube here.

The video was captured by KWTV News 9’s Val and Amy Castor on the day the Tornado struck – last night, yesterday, 23rd May.

Find one more video and photos of the Tornado below – when more emerge, we will post them.

The same storm which spawned the above mentioned Tornado, then produced another monster night-time Tornado in Slapout/Laverne, Oklahoma.

We will be producing an article on that Tornado in the coming hour.


National Weather Service confirms that a Tornado touched down in San Angelo, TX

The feature photo was captured by Jason Hill via his drone when he flew it later on in the day of the Tornado – 18th May.

The National Weather Service (NWS) office (branch) in San Angelo has confirmed that a Tornado struck the city of San Angelo, Texas on Saturday morning.

It has been reported that the Tornado was at least an EF-2.

The assistant Fire Chief of San Angelo reported that the Fire Department of the city conducted at least one rescue in relation to the Tornado after it struck.

Photo credit: Jason Hill – captured via drone.

At around 4:30am on Saturday, the San Angelo Fire Department was dispatched to a collapsed structure on the campus of the West Texas Boys Ranch – Tankersley.

A young male was trapped beneath the collapsed structure.

Firefighters were able to free the male from the debris of the collapsed structure. The male was taken to a hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

Photo credit: Jason Hill – captured via drone.

At least forty people had to be evacuated due to concerns over downed power lines. Those people are being housed at a shelther at the First United Methodist Church of San Angelo.

A resident of San Angelo was first aware of the Tornado when she heard an emergency alert come over her phone. We’re hoping the sirens went off!

The women told KTXS 12 that she hid in the closet with her family and also said that the Tornado sounded like a train. Our question is, did the sirens go off?

A car was thrown into a house in the city, however nobody was injured as a result of the event. Thank goodness.

Photo credit: KTXS

Find more photos and videos of damage caused by this Tornado below.

Photo credit: Tim L. Vasquez – find more of Vasquez’s incredible photos here.


Unseen video of Burnsville, MS Tornado has emerged online

Unseen video of the 23rd February Burnsville, Mississippi Tornado has emerged online – watch in the video (no sound) below.

Video credit: Dustin Knight

The video was captured by Dustin Knight on the day the Tornado struck – February 23rd. However, instead of posting it…

…Knight sent the video to us – so we could post it! What a champ.


What Tornado? Sweetheart, the grass needs to be cut


Introducing Theunis Wessels, who is just cutting his grass on a Friday evening.

Normal right! Nothing at all going on at all. Cutting the grass had been on the Canadian’s to-do (chore) list for a while.

So, Wessels decided to cut the grass on Friday – best time to check off the chore – said his wife, Cecilia Wessels in an interview with Buzzfeed.

Photo credit: Canada Tornado Alberta Lawnmowing Man Defies Twister

In the interview with Buzzfeed, Wessels said that she was sleeping when her nine year old daughter woke her up scared…

…What was the little girl scared of? An breathtaking and photogenic Tornado outside the family’s home in Alberta1, Canada.

1: Three Hills, Alberta to be exact.

Wessels said that she looked out the window and saw her husband and this absolutely normal scene – the complete “epitome of this is fine”.

Photo credit: Turf Matters (seems appropriate)

FYI: The family moved from South Africa to Canada almost a decade ago.

Wessels stated that her husband was calm because he attended a seminar led by Tornado Hunters very own, Greg Johnson.

Wessels specified (during the interview) that she actually took the photo to show her parents in South Africa what a Tornado looked like.

However, when she posted the photo to Facebook, with the caption “my beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hard”.

Everyone (shockingly – not really) had the same question: “Why is your husband mowing the lawn?”

Whist this (see in video below) is happening…

Wessels suggested that the Tornado was not as close as it appears to be in the photo and was moving away from the house.

In the general public’s eyes, Nope, Nope, Nope. In our eyes, YES! YES! YES. We love absolutely everything about this photo – including the memes.

Astonishing before and after video of the 2013 Oklahoma Tornado

Not particularly a wordy blog! However it’s a worthy read about a worthy video. All that needs to be said is…

…A family takes cover in their storm shelter. Minutes later, this is what the father sees as he comes out of the shelter (see in video below).

The Tornado in the above video was that of the EF5 that struck Moore (inc. Newcastle), Oklahoma on the 20th May 2013…

…Find a handful of videos of the 2013 Moore EF5 Tornado below.

You can find more information on this deadly Tornado here.

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