Our thoughts continue to be with the families of Corbin Lee Jaeger, Kelley Williamson and Randall Yarnall who perished in the accident.

This past Wednesday, The Weather Channel filed a written response in Lubbock, Texas to a one hundred and twenty five million dollar lawsuit.

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The mother of Corbin Lee Jaeger sued The Weather Channel in March for a fatal wreck that happened in 2017. Find out more in the above link.

The response on Wednesday said The Weather Channel “had no control or right of control” over people involved in the fatal wreck.

“At all times relevant, Williamson and Yarnall were acting as independent contractors with regard to any activities involving The Weather Channel”, the response stated.

The original lawsuit “took issue” with the idea of independent contractors – saying in part The Weather Channel did more than just monitor the video from Williamson and Yarnall.

It said. “They instructed Williamson and Yarnall to perform certain” tasks. The Weather Channel denied allegations of negligence and gross negligence.

The lawsuit continues in Lubbock fedral court. You can read The Weather Channel’s response in the file link below.

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