There isn’t much to see in the video, however the audio tells the story. Captured in the video is the sound of a Tornado – watch/listen in the video below.

Spine chilling!

We’re going to turn it over to Season of the Storm’s Adam Lucio to explain the video.

Here is chilling video from our previous post, shot by Adam two years ago today. If you can listen past the wind noise in the camera, you will hear what sounds like a waterfall wooshing sound.

That is actually a violent, EF-4 tornado approaching them in the distance. Storm chasing at night can be especially dangerous. It is one thing to be able to see the tornado and gauge its movement, it’s another to only hear it.

Adam, along with fellow storm chaser Stephen Jones, begin to second guess their position and have to make a quick decision to bail or stand their ground. There isn’t much to see in the video, but the audio tells the story!”

In case you’re wondering, Season of the Storm is a new documentary series that brings the real life of storm chasing to the screen.

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