It’s a bloody beauty! A Tornado has been captured on camera southwest of McCook, Nebraska – see in the photo below.

Photo credit: John Sirlin

The photo was captured by John Sirlin today. Sirlin posted the photo on his official Twitter account minutes ago. Find more photos/video of this Tornado below.

Here’s one more from Sirlin…

Photo credit: John Sirlin
Photo credit: Greg Johnson (north of McCook, Nebraska)
Photo credit: Liz Szewczyk (northeast of McCook, Nebraska)
Photo credit: Winston Wells (north of McCook, Nebraska)
Photo credit: Ryan Shepard
Photo credit: Rich Hamel
Photo credit: Greg McLaughlin

UPDATE: Whilst this was a photogenic Tornado, it’s suffice to suggest it was a destructive one. Photos of damage caused by this Tornado has started to emerge online.

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