Update #3: Via his Twitter account, KFOR’s Mike Morgan has posted what looks to be a Tornado path map – with quite a gut wrenching caption.

Update #2: KOCO is reporting that last night’s El Reno Tornado was estimated to be an EF-3 – which has the wind speeds of one hundred and thirty six to one hundred sixty five.

However, we will wait for the National Weather Service to determine that.

Update: KFOR is reported that two children from a trailer park in El Reno are missing after a Tornado did significant damage there.

Original Post:

Details are still emerging at this time. News 9 in Oklahoma is reporting deaths due to this Tornado – we will have more on that when it emerges.

Significant damage and possible injuries have been reported after a Tornado touched down south of El Reno, Oklahoma. 

One report suggests that a hotel was hit and leveled. That report suggests that victims are being pulled from the rubble – see above tweet.

Residents – via social media – have been sharing images of significant damage caused by the Tornado – see below. 

Photo credit: Samuel Roback

When more photos and videos emerges online, we will post them.


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