Update #4: It has been reported that twelve people were injured in this accident – according to WIBW’s article.

“The Douglas Co. Sheriff’s Office told 13 NEWS deputies responded to the wreck in the 500 block of E550 Road. Twelve people on the buses were reportedly injured and taken to local hospitals for treatment.”

Update #3: Roger Hill’s (SLT CEO) wife, Caryn (SLT CEO) has released a statement in regards to the incident – read in full below.

” Thank you to EVERYONE that has reached out to Roger, our SLT Crew, our SLT Guests and to myself after Tuesday’s incident.

Our chaser community can be so very supportive of each other but it can also be full of UNNECESSARY and UNNEEDED drama.

I would wish what happened to us upon NO ONE else. But it sure is disappointing to read and hear of those that laughed at our situation or pointed fingers when they are clueless as to how we handled the situation at the time.

What we do does carry a certain level of risk but NOT AT ANY TIME do we INTENTIONALLY put ourselves, our guests or anyone else in the immediate chase area in danger.

For those that have toured with us, you will know how the “drill Sargent” comes out in Roger or how I let the F bomb fly when we both mean, “move it now!!!” We are VERY safety conscience and will remain to be that way.

Yes, our tours are and will continue for years to come. I’ve been bucked many horses before and the only thing to do is to get right back on.”

Update #2: Another photo has emerged of one the vehicles has emerged online via Tim Marshall – see below.

Photo credit: Tim Marshall

Update: Connor McCarty, who was involved the incident, has posted the following on his Facebook account.

Screen grab credit: Tornado Videos

Original Post: We’re just glad that everyone is safe <3 These things can’t predicted.

Two Silver Lining Tour (SLT) group vehicles were rolled after being hit by a rain-wrapped satellite Tornado in Kansas – Lawrence, Kansas to be precise.

ICYW: Silver Lining Tour is a storm chasing tour company. You can find out more here.

A statement which was released around thirty minutes ago on SLT’s official Facebook account can be read in full below:

“As many of you are aware, we had a very unfortunate incident happen last night. While chasing the Lawrence, KS tornadic supercell, we were hit with a rain wrapped satellite tornado 2 miles southeast of the parent circulation.

Two vans were rolled resulting in a few minor injuries. If you understand severe weather you will know these satellite tornadoes cannot be predicted. Keeping that in mind, we kept ourselves 2 miles southeast of the main circulation that hadn’t formed a tornado yet.

We could see the wall cloud off to our northwest and decided to drop back south to highway 59 where we were going to continue our chase east. One mile south of where we turned around is where we encountered the rain wrapped satellite.

Two of our vans were not affected. With any luck at all and if there had been any more space in between the vans, there wouldn’t be a need to write this today as the small tornado would have passed in between us.

Roger and Caryn GREATLY appreciate the outpouring of private messages and phone calls. We still do consider ourselves careful chasers as our safety record proves that. Let this serve to ALL chasers as a reminder that it CAN happen to you. STAY SAFE!!!”

The story was first brought to our attention by Rob Petitt, who posted the following on his Facebook account.

Should anymore information regarding this incident arise, we will post it.

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