The chasing is becoming chased! You can run, you can hide BUT the boys in blue will get you.

We highly recommend that you read our first article on the news – Storm chaser charged with multiple counts of child molestation…

Noble, Oklahoma police are trying to locate and arrest man facing serious charges of child molestation.

The man we’re talking about is KOCO Channel 5 storm chaser Lawrence McEwen.

 “We are real interested in getting him in custody and taking him off the streets,” The chief of police for Noble, Keith Springstead said.

On Friday, a warrant for arrest was issued for the storm chaser.

“He has not been taking into custody at this time. We are looking for him along with other law enforcement entities to try and bring his capture,” Springstead said.

News 4 (news channel for Oklahoma City) confirmed the U.S. Marshal’s office is now helping in locating McEwen.

“We’ve been to his house. We even have given information of other places that we believe that he might have been or where he is going. We are using everything at our disposal to try to put an end to this situation, and get him into custody,” Springstead said.


Noble police said they have investigated locations in Norman and in Oklahoma City looking for the storm chaser.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, we strongly urge you to contact the police in Noble.

“We have one thing to say. Don’t tarnish every chaser just because of this P.O.S. Chasers saves lives! Not ruin lives, like this scumbag!”

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