Before we get to the video! The National Weather Service (Memphis branch) has confirmed an EF-2 struck Burnsville, Mississippi this past Saturday.

So what does that mean? The following bullet points will explain:

• The EF-2 had an estimated wind speed of one hundred and fifteen miles per hour.
• The EF-2 had a path length of eight miles.
• The EF-2 had a width of one hundred and fifty yards.

We’re happy to report on this one, no injuries/deaths were caused. However, it did cause some significant damage.

We’ve saved the best till last! This has got to be the best video we’ve seen so far. A new video of the significant Burnsville, Mississippi has emerged online – watch below.

The video which was sent to Local 24 Memphis by Nathan Blount (who took the video) on the 24th February 2019.


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