We’re eager for Tornado season! However, this will combat your Monday Tornado blues.

Reed Timmer (extreme meteorologist for AccuWeather) has posted a remarkable video of a strong rope Tornado that struck Young County, Texas on the 17th May 2013.

(excuse the pun) There’s a twist however…

…This particular rope Tornado had textbook helical structure in its sub vortices. Don’t believe us! Watch in video below.

Like what you saw above? Let us know in the comments. You can read the description for the video in the quote below

 “Check out this strong tornado in Young County, TX on May 17, 2013 with textbook helical structure in its sub vortices. This was the first day of a series of big-time #tornado days through the end of May 2013. One day we hope to launch hardware into these.”

Reed Timmer, YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YunSdRzOzP4

EXTRA: Reed has released a BRAND NEW VIDEO (to our surprise) today titled: Tornado Probe deployments! June 17, 2014 Coleridge, NE EF3 – two different methods.

You can watch that particular video below.

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