“Smart people tend to have a plan and head to their safe place.”

Being in Tornado season, we thought this post would be appropriate. The list below illustrates what you should not do when the Tornado sirens sound.

“For the not so smart that need to be told, here are a few things you do not do when the tornado sirens sound.”

  1. Run outside screaming Uncle Drew! Uncle Drew! It is not appropriate, might even end up getting yourself hurt/killed.
  2. Think of all the items you have outside and go grab them. You will always buy a new one – LEAVE IT!
  3. Panic about the fact that you might be in the shelter too long and you need to run to the bathroom.
  4. HURRY! SAVE THE BEER! – refer to #2.
  5. Consider the idea of going out for a drive and take pictures. Leave that to the storm chasers – refer to #1.
  6. Pick a fight with anybody who might decide you are not worth sheltering with. UH OH! Bad timing, you’ll get locked out – refer to #1.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Take shelter until the all clear is sounded.

There you have it!

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